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Grey Ghost Brewery started way back in the early 2000's when Trent first equipped himself with a basic extract type home brew kit.  As with most people venturing in to the world of brewing beer, the initial results were not great.  Though, being a young man with a knack for problem solving, an insatiable thirst for cold beer and a lack of funds, pure determination beat the hell out of that home brew kit until drinkable beer was flowing from fermenter.

With a background in software engineering and a general love for tinkering, it wasn't long before the cans of condensed wort were traded for real malted barley and hops, and the plastic fermenter was swapped out for a lot of stainless steel.  For Trent, brewing beer transitioned from being a source of amber liquid on the cheap to a passion for building and automating a sophisticated beer making machine.

Over several years Trent honed the art of brewing and eventually a name was chosen - Grey Ghost Brewery.  Originating from Trent & Belinda's best friend Rainn and is a common nick name given to the Weimaraner dog breed.  Nothing more was ever envisioned other than making great beer to share with friends, then in early 2019 after one-too-many friends asked the question "have you ever thought of starting a brewery?" a new company was born.

The plan was to start small, really small.  After 18 months of back and forward between local, state & federal governments, all licences were obtained and the smallest brewery was opened on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula with an annual capacity of just 100 hectolitres.

So now, our little brewery is ready to share our great beers with not just our friends, but with everyone.

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