Why is your beer out of stock?

Grey Ghost Brewery is a small batch brewery and we can currently produce around 20,000 litres of beer per year.  We are starting out and hope to grow in the future so more people can enjoy our great beer.  Due to our small batches, our beer may sell out quickly when we finish packaging the current batch.


Can I pre-order beer?

If you would like to pre-order some beer, please Contact Us.  Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks notice.  We will do our best to fulfill pre-orders as they come in.


Why can I only purchase 4 cases per order?

Unfortunately our liquor license is limited to sales of 4 cases per customer per day.


Does the purchase limit apply to wholesale customers?

No, we also have a pre-retail licence allowing us to sell larger orders to other licence holders.


Can you fill Corny Kegs?

We can fill and deliver 19L Corny Kegs.  Please let us know in advance so we can include it in our next available run.  You must provide one of the following:

  • A keg for us to fill.  The Keg must be cleaned and in working order (holds pressure) and must be delivered to us so we can fill it at our next scheduled packaging run.
  • A replacement keg (swap-n-go) when we deliver the filled keg.  Replacement kegs must be in "as-new" condition.  We will not accept used soda kegs that were purchased second-hand.
  • A deposit of $90 that will be refunded when the keg is returned.  Any damage to kegs will forfeit the deposit.

If you would like to order a Corny Keg, please Contact Us.


What about Growlers?

Unfortunately we cannot fill growlers at this time.


Can I purchase 4 or 6 packs?

Unfortunately we do not have appropriate packaging to ship 4 and 6 packs.  We have numerous retailers that stock our beer where you can purchase smaller packs.  See Where to Buy.


Do you have a tap room?

We do not have a tap room at this time.  As our business grows, we look forward to opening a public space so people can enjoy our beers.


Can I visit your brewery?

Our brewery is a production only facility and is not currently open to the public.


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